Our story

Born to a talented pattern and dressmaker, Luci di Bella’s love for fabrics and fashion started in a made to measure workroom in a small Italian town, where her nonna made lace with the tombolo.

Now she travels to Europe every year and returns to Melbourne inspired by fashion fairs, fabric makers, art exhibitions and jazz festivals.

For Luci di Bella ‘Fashion is Art.’


Our process

We combine traditional techniques with our contemporary designs. Each gown begins with elegant fabrics – intricate laces, fluid fibres – and is designed to celebrate the female form.

Our bridal couture gowns are unique pieces. From the fitting room downstairs to the workroom.  upstairs, each gown is crafted individually by our talented pattern makers and seamstresses.
We are passionate about fabrics and fashion and love to create an environment that you’ll look forward to visiting.

‘From the first fitting I knew I was in very good hands…we loved every minute of the wedding dress process with you, and it brought my mum and I closer together.’


Your gown

We believe that your wedding gown has to suit your shape, your personality and your venue.

With our made to measure Bridal gowns and our made to order Bridal range, we can help you to find the fabric, feel and fall that you will love to wear.

Whether your wedding iS in a winery, A church, or on an island in the sun, as a Luci di Bella bride we’ll guide you to the moment when you look in the mirror and say. ‘Wow – this is my gown.’